This swingset is made from strong, beautiful and durable Cedar. Cedar wood is not only scented, but also has an attractive color and grain.


The Peak

Magnificient mountainous terrain.

For those who enjoy spinning and getting dizzy, the Peak is an angle leg swingset which allows for a spinning tire swing to go underneath. You can attach our tallest swings and longest slides for extended fun! There is incredible value built into our The Peak, designed for amazing play value, quality, reliability, and fun.

All models are customizable, and there is something for everyone at our store. Stop by, ask questions, and check out the beauty, strength and fun of all our playsets. We have them set up for your enjoyment.

From Our Family to Yours

You know that old saying “Business is Business?” Well, that is wrong. John McKiernan, owner of Millers Toy Store, taught me many things when I was just starting out. Among them, that “Business is Personal.” This is why we treat our customers like neighbors and friends – because they are.

– David Engert, Owner

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