Playground Advisors

We know our industry's products inside and out.  With the most well informed, knowledgeable staff in the industry, we are here to answer all your questions at our backyard showroom – set up for your enjoyment.  We consider ourselves educators  not sales people. So come down, ask questions, test out the equipment.  We are confident that you will leave comfortable and empowered with the knowledge to make an educated descision about your backyard play equipment.


Once you place and order for a swingset, trampoline, or basketball hoop with us, we will deliver it promptly and professionally with the utmost care.


A select few of our customers like to pull out their wrenches and screwdrivers and roll up their sleeves, but for the most part, our customers sleep easy at night knowing their new outdoor toy will be installed professionally, promptly and properly and ready for "play time" ASAP.


We service everything we sell and our repair technicians are all fully insured, full-time employees. Call us for pricing on:

  • Trampoline tuneups
  • Swingset tuneups
  • Equipment moves from one house to another.
  • Equipment moves in yard.
  • Swingset watersealing (Fall only)
  • Equipment repairs

Made in America

Our swingsets are made in America from American Redwood – the highest quality wood used in the swingset industry.

No chemicals. No Chinese wood.

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From Our Family to Yours

You know that old saying “Business is Business?” Well, that is wrong. John McKiernan, owner of Millers Toy Store, taught me many things when I was just starting out. Among them, that “Business is Personal.” This is why we treat our customers like neighbors and friends – because they are.

– David Engert, Owner

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